Executive Management

005_laurieperez.com Tom Austin
President & Founder

Tom Austin is the President and founder of Austin Exploration, Inc. With over forty years of experience in geophysical exploration, Tom specializes in data research with a concentration on gravity and magnetic methods, the use of gravity meters and magnetometers, including marine, land and airborne systems. Upon completion of his Master of Science in Geology, geophysics and seismology, Tom began working for a major oil and gas company serving as a geophysical supervisor. Since then, Tom has held multiple positions of leadership within the geophysical industry. This includes a Gravity and Magnetic Supervisor position with GAI-GMX, and a Manager for Potential Methods and Navigation at Petty-Ray Geophysical. In 1976, he founded Austin Exploration Inc. and has continued to improve and enhance the field of geophysics through exploration and innovation.

014_laurieperez.com Becky Selman
Vice President

Becky Selman has more than 30 years of direct professional experience within various areas of the geophysical exploration industry. As the Vice President of Austin Exploration, Becky is deeply involved in all aspects of the business operations, including client and workforce relations, invoicing, and operational management of Austin Exploration’s Houston based main office. She prides herself in enhancing the quality of service to all clients ensuring all projects are handled efficiently. In her spare time, Becky enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

024_laurieperez.com Mike Rose
Operations Manager | QC Manager
Business Development

Mike Rose has worked in potential fields geophysical exploration for more than 34 years. His experience in the geophysical field includes airborne, land, and marine exploration. As the Eastern Operations Manager, Mike is based in Adelaide Australia, and manages the overseas operations and expansion for Austin Exploration. He has vast knowledge of the operating procedures for marine gravity and magnetometer acquisition. He can also compile and interpret data whether they are recorded in marine, land or airborne environments. Mike has worked in many countries both onshore and offshore, in potential fields Geophysics. Prior to Austin Exploration, Mike worked for Geosystem, a Milan based company working in Geothermal and water exploration using MT, CSAMT EM and, Gravity. His hobbies include competitive cycling, traveling and spending time with his family.

016_laurieperez.com Henry Vasquez
Operations / IT Manager

Henry Vasquez joined the Austin Exploration team in 2009 as the Operations Assistant and IT Manager. With over 24 years of technical experience, Henry has a vast knowledge of real-time data acquisition systems, which includes production bar-coding, inventory control in production facility environments, as well as high traffic credit card transaction systems for gas retail chains throughout the mid-west. Prior to joining Austin Exploration, Henry served as the technical lead for deploying and installing teams for a gas retail convenience chain with more than 440 stores nationwide. Since joining Austin, Henry has contributed to the expansion of all service provisions. His firm belief is that every challenge has a solution, and his work ethic is based on the idea that “the best service is the only service.” In his leisure time, Henry enjoys motorcycling, Tai Chi, and spending time with family and friends.