We Are Dependable

Austin Exploration uses the most experienced, capable operators within the business. Our operators are not only thoroughly trained, but before going out on a job, they are all required to undergo a refresher training once a year. In addition to our experienced operators, we have a knowledgeable support staff whose attention to survey details and proactive approach to monitoring the status of the surveys is unrivaled.

We Are Leaders

As leaders in marine and land gravity data acquisition, Austin Exploration has acquired the majority of all marine stable platform gravity data and magnetic data throughout the world. These stable platform marine gravity meters are either air-damped or fluid-damped, both with digital acquisition and digital control systems. With procedures currently in place for mobilizing the equipment, either at the dock or at sea, Austin Exploration has no limits on the acquisition of accurate gravity data. By utilizing two types of marine magnetometers, the Marine Magnetics SeaSPY, with an Overhauser sensor and the Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer, and in remote areas, the Sentinel Base Magnetometer, our clients benefit from the acquisition of quality magnetic data.

We Are Pioneers

Austin Exploration has acquired a substantial inventory of marine gravity meters, including seven ZLS Fluid Damped Dynamic Marine Gravity Meters. These new meters introduce high levels of accuracy and noise reduction, and are currently only available to the commercial geophysics industry through Austin Exploration. A few of the key features of these new systems includes:

  • - New sensors that eliminate cross coupling errors, which are generally inherent in older beam-type gravity meters.
  • - The utilization of liquid damping that virtually eliminates the vibration sensitivity common in air-damped sensors, in turbulent ocean areas.
  • - An industry standard ZLS Ultra computer control system.
  • We Are Experienced

    With more than 30 years of experience in marine gravity and magnetic acquisition, Austin Exploration has the capability to face the challenges of any survey. Our staff are experts at handing all facets of a project from start to finish. Whether it’s the testing of equipment, arranging of shipping, or the obtaining of visas, our staff oversees all aspects for the successful completion of any project.