Air-Sea Gravity System II

The Micro-G LaCoste Air-Sea gravity meter (Model S) consists of a highly damped, spring-type gravity sensor that is mounted on a gyro stabilized platform with associated electronics for obtaining gravity readings.

The ZLS Dynamic Gravity Meter

The ZLS system digitizes input signals 200 times per second. All processing, including filtering, is done digitally. All control-loop algorithms, for both the platform and gravity sensor are performed digitally by an embedded computer, thereby eliminating analog circuits which enhances reliability and simplifies servicing.


G-882 Marine Magnetometer

The G-882 magnetometer employs an optically pumped Cesium-vapor atomic resonance system that functions as the frequency control element in an oscillator circuit.

Sea Spy

The Sea Spy Magnetometer is the only marine magnetometer that utilizes stable Overhauser sensors which do not degrade with time. Marine Magnetics’ Sea SPY magnetometer measures the ambient magnetic field using a specialized branch of nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology that is applied specifically to hydrogen nuclei.