Austin at a Glance

Austin Exploration Inc. entered the field of geophysics service in April of 1976. The ten-employee operation was engaged exclusively in land gravity and magnetometer acquisition, compilation, and interpretation activities at that time, Today, Austin Exploration provides more marine gravity and magnetometer acquisition services to clients than any other US based company in the industry and as such, have compiled and interpreted data throughout the world. Having conducted marine surveys throughout the world, including the offshore regions of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, the team at Austin Exploration are dependable, experienced scientists who lead with vision and offer superior service in technology and innovation.

Southeast Asia
Austin Exploration is currently engaged in Gravity and Magnetics Data Acquistion in South East Asia.
North Sea
Currently starting up a project with major clients in the North Sea areas.
Austin Exploration
Austin Exploration just completed a two week onsite training session with our dedicated field technicians. To further knowledge on the latest advancements in Gravity & Magnetics quality control, in field diagnostic and testing methods.